Two third of our planet is covered by ocean. It is what makes us who we are and what gives us so much bliss. We should be committed to protect what we value and treasure. Plastic disposal, dyes and other chemicals laden wastewater are a main environmental concern for increasing the textile industries in many parts of the world. Textile industries consume different kinds of artificial dyes and other chemicals and discharge huge degrees of highly polluted water and plastic waste into the environment. This excessive dye laden wastewater has enormous impacts on photosynthetic

Activity in aquatic plants and animals, for example, fish. It also tends to affect human health due to the existence of components like heavy metals and chlorine in manmade dyes. Thus, wastewater effluent from textile industries must be treated before discharge into the water body. Ekotees realizes that plastic is designed to last forever, therefore we are using it to design products, including clothing and its related packaging, that are only used once. currently one third of our clothes are made from synthetic fibers, such as polyester which is all plastic