Forests are home to millions of diverse plants and animals around the globe. The benefits of forests spread far beyond the wildlife who are living there. They play a significant role in the world’s carbon cycle by balancing greenhouse gas emissions, making the air in our atmosphere breathable, and protecting against climate change. But, as companies cut down more and more of our forests to make room for agriculture and industry, the whole planet suffers the consequences. Deforestation threatens our environment, impacts human lives, and kills millions of animals, every year, and results in habitat loss and wildlife extinction.

Irrespective of what initiatives deforestation, the end result is always the same, the destruction of an ecosystem that once played a vital role in protecting our planet. Ekotees supports all NGOs like, WWF (world wild life), UNCCD (The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification), FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council), who have been working tirelessly in order to conserve the greenery across the globe.