Climate Change

Dying the yarn, growing the cotton, sewing the buttons… no one really knows how many places your shirt has travelled to before it makes it to your wardrobe. Fast fashion comprises of a long and untraceable supply chain. The obsession with producing enormous volumes of clothing all year round and shipping it to various countries for different stages of production means that the industry’s carbon footprint is disastrous. The greed for mass production is destroying the planet. Fashion subsidizes nearly 8% of carbon emissions. The industry consumes more energy than airplanes and vessels collectively thanks to its intensive manufacturing, as fashion tends to operate into many industries.

Artificial materials, like polyester, acrylic, and nylon, are made from crude oil, a fossil fuel that pollutes the oceans, causes oil spills, and releases toxic greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels happen to be the number one contributor to climate change. Ekotees is striving to address the above highlighted issues that are harmful for climate in the long run. Therefore, our business models are planned to create products with longevity and quality, keeping in view the true value of materials, which should be mindfully designed, redesigned and recuperated as a valuable resource.